Field Day

We lucked out with a beautiful day for field day! The kids had a blast and were great sports! 

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Each Kindness

A couple weeks back we were doing a morning meeting lesson with kindness. I picked a book to read to the children and we were filling flowers with kind acts to do. This lesson, though simple, ignited a passion in our classroom!

The next day the children decided we should nominate the book as the principals book of the month! We got to work creating a video and writing letters to Mr. McBride persuading him to choose our book! 

Today we learned he chose Each Kidness to be the book of the month for May! Ask your child all about it! ​

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Nonfiction animal books

Posts have been sporadic this month because we have been working so hard in our animal books! The kids researched, planned, organized, wrote and edited a nonfiction animal book complete with a table of contents and glossary! We have had fun reading each other’s in our special book section this week! 

And this little cutie turned 6 months! She is smiling with one tooth! 

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Chattahoochee Nature Center

We had a great time at the nature center! We got to see some great animals native to Georgia and learn a lot about plants, even an insect eating picture plant! 

It was a great trip! We were all hot and tied by the end! 

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Happy Earth Day

On this day we are reminded about how special our planet is and how we need to love and care for our planet! 

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National Parks

We have been working on our IB unit Sharing the Planet in which we have learned about plants and animals. We recently learned about Teddy Roosevelt and his impact in preserving plants and animals with the National Park System. We explored parks and realized the importance of these parks in our communities. The kids summarized what they have learned thus far by creating their own National Park! 

If you are traveling to any parks this break pick up a pamphlet to bring back and share with the class! 

I’ll be spending Spring break with this smiley girl! 

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Teacher Appreciation Week

It was a great Teacher Appreciation Week last week. We were spoiled with meals from around the world, creative postcards, and special treats from the students. The kids were so kind and excited that the teachers got special treats. They enjoyed “traveling” with their passports with me! We discussed how great it is that we live in a country the enjoys the cultures of so many other countries from around the world! To top the week off, my baby girl turned 5 months on Friday! 🙂


Movie nights out and new books to read
Bright colored flowers and warm Starbucks coffee
Boxes of Cheez-its beautifully tied up with strings
Thank you for my favorite things!

Lunches that were catered and dark chocolate candy
Home Depot gift cards always come in handy

DIY projects and gardening this spring!
Thank you for my favorite things!

Kids writing postcards with nice pictures inside
Bucket filling words that make me smile real wide
Families that make me feel more special than a king
Thank you for my favorite things!

When the power is out,
When the papers pile up,
When the kids are wired,
I simply remember receiving my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so tired!

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