STEAM truck

The STEAM truck came to primary today and the kids had a blast! 

They did Science: exploring chemical reactions

Technology: learning about light

Engineering: making a boat float using different objects

Arts (everyone’s favorite!) 

And Math: estimation and counting!

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Solar Eclipse

Another fun day in first grade! From solar reading, to solar math, and solar crafts we lived and learned about the solar eclipse! The children practice safety measures in the classroom and we even got a sneak peek at the partial eclipse from our classroom window! It was a whole lot of fun experiencing this rare event in first grade! We even had a solar snack of sunny oranges and “eclipse” Oreos! 

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Super Hero day!

It was a SUPER day being super heros! We practice Super listening skills and we’re super students! From morning work, to math and writing we were on task with our Super Hero day! 

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We read the story “Chrysanthemum” last week. Ask your child to tell you what the story was about.

After reading the story each student wrote their name on squares and glued them to paper. We were able to compare the number of vowels and consonant in names as well as the length of names. We created several graphs to show the differences and similarities between names.

We also used the story to discuss being bucket fillers. We talked about how words can hurt one another and though we may say sorry for things we do, sorry cannot fix all empty buckets. Instead children need to think and show empathy before they act. We learned this tricky lesson by wrinkling a paper heart each time Chrysanthemum was teased in the story. At the end of the story we said sorry and tried to flatten the heart with a band aid. Though the heart flattened it was still wrinkled and a great visual to show the kids what words and actions can do to each other.


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Essential Agreements

As an IB school we write our class “rules” together. They are our essential agreements. After being in school a few days and  reading NO David! The kids came up with some important agreements for a great school year! They are working hard to follow them and earn DOJO points.

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Smile Center

It was our first rainy day, which meant no outdoor recess! Not to fear we have the awesome new SMILE Center! The center is full of fun and imaginative things for the kids. Ask them about what they played today!

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First grade, first week!

We had a great first week of first grade!  The kids are adjusting well and enthusiastic about everything we do! They are learning the routines and are ready for learning! 

This week we practiced a lot of routines and practiced independent work at our tables! As a class we read several books including No David! And Have you filled a bucket today? We wrote classroom agreement about safe and ready behaviors! We practiced listening skills to draw David too! 

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