The Kids show EMPATHY and RESPECT

Though the kids are in school to learn the curriculum and standards of first grade as an IB school we also focus on becoming citizens of the world and the children are learning and applying those skills every day!

Yesterday, we learned the BLUE house won the first quarter competitions and adult made signs were hung around the school. As we went to our first special and the kids were reading the blue house signs many of them expressed dislike and sadness upon seeing them. Not just because their team did not win, but because some of the signs felt mean to our kids.  It actually was a great topic for our community meeting and SEL lesson today. We discussed that in sports, life, and learning there are winners and losers and that we need to accept that as a way of life, but that we also need to act with empathy and think about how we would feel if we were the winners or losers as well. The class reflected that some of the signs are good and appropriate like “Go blue house or yay blue house!” But other signs like “Blue is better and blue is the best” felt like bragging instead of being proud and excited. After our discussion, we went through the IB action cycle, the kids had “reflected”,  the kids “chose” words that they felt showed excitement and pride without bragging, and “acted” by creating some new signs. We replaced the signs with our own signs to show pride and encouragement for the blue house success!

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Cape Day for CHOA

Sorry my posts are a bit delayed! We are busy and having fun in the classroom! 

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Hispanic heritage

We had a fun time celebrating Hispanic heritage month. We learned about influent inventors, read Mexican folk tales, books in Spanish and English, played a Spanish math game, learned about Columbus, made Hispanic fiesta flags and ate some delicious snacks! 

Thanks Mrs. McIntyre for coming in and reading about El Ratón Perez, teaching us about the Spanish alphabet, and cooking us some great food! 

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Class Dojo

Class Dojo was new to me this year, but I have enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the kids working hard to earn points and do the best they can! The kids keep track of their dojo points using a number grid. Each week we take the time to color in the number of points they got and then we reset the bubbles. For every 25 points the kids get to bring home a “Bucket Note” showing that they have been working hard to be a bucket filler! Once they fill the board, they get to pick a coupon. I shared some coupon ideas with the kids and they came up with some for us to add like teach a lesson, or be a helper! Many kids have joined the 100 point club and started to get and use coupons.

Kids have taught the class a lesson, sat at a special table, picked the dance breaks all day and free computer time! When the whole class makes it to 100, we will do something special!

Ever wonder what it means when your child gets or looses points in a certain category? Check out this matrix for clarification! roar_matrix


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Pajama Day! 

Always fun when you can come to school in pjs! 

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Family School Night

It was fun to see so many families last night! I hope your child did a great job showing you around the classroom and school. They have been working hard and learning lots! Below is a power point that we had rolling in the classroom (though you were probably too busy to catch it). It gives extra information about the classroom and curriculum. We will have parent conferences in a couple of weeks to further discuss your child’s successes! Please sign up here:

Open House 2017

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15 minutes of fame!

When it’s your child’s birthday, he or she can have 15 minutes of fame! Your child bring in something to share, teach a game, read a book, etc. whatever they want for 15 minutes! We have had some fun celebrations so far. We also like to play the dance break song “It’s your birthday!”

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