Happy Easter!

We did an academic Easter egg hunt! It was a lot of fun, but took some great cooperation! Ask your child about it!

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Comparing numbers

This week we have been comparing numbers and using math language to talk about it! These are a great visual to help the kids remember the symbols

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We began our graphing unit by coming up with a question and 3 answers to ask the class. The kids walked around to each of their classmates and collected data. The. They tallied the results, created a graph, and analyzed the data! They put together a lot of great skills to create these graphs!

Then someone wanted to ask the whole first grade a question…so I said let’s do it! But how? The kids came up with a plan and executed it! Working in small cooperative groups, they came up with a question and four answered. They polled the other first graders and then counted the results. Together they made a graph and analyzed the results. They showed great team work!

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Dear Deer

We have been reading and learning about homophones!

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Adjectives, nouns and verbs oh my!

For the past several weeks we have been focusing our grammar lessons on recognizing and identifying adjectives, nouns, and verbs and putting all that knowledge together!

Meet Super Verb!

can you guess what we are describing!? The kids had a blast guessing what each person is describing!

We played musical adjectives by walking around the room and when the music stopped the kids found a desk and write a kind word describing their friends! It was a bucket filling activity too!

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Explore our National Parks!

We learned all about Teddy Roosevelt and his contribution to our planet, creating the National Park Service. After exploring national parks online, comparing them to regular parks, and reading about them, we created our own National Parks!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We had fun thinking about what makes us lucky! 🍀 We made a rainbow poem 🌈 and we even enjoyed some cookies! Thanks Nolan’s mom!

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