Valentine’s Day

It is always fun to celebrate love and friendships!

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A week of fun!

I apologize for the late posts!

The week before Winter Break was a fun but busy one! We fit in a lot of cultural celebrations into our curricula areas and we had a blast learning.

The Olympics is something I get into every 2 years between summer and winter and brought my enthusiasm to the classroom. The kids loved solving math problems to figure out which teams were getting medals and keeping track of how far behind USA was front eh first place medals. We even tried out some Olympic events in school and practiced measuring and comparing time. I hope your child told you all about curling, biathlon, skeleton, and ski jump. If not ask them about the Olympic fun!

We also celebrated Mardi Gras! It was great to learn about the cultural history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans as well as join in the celebrations with beads and King Cake!

Finally we celebrated Chinese New Year! The year of the Dog! we learned a bit about Chinese new year from a story and made our own Dragons to wave.

What a busy and fun week! I hope your child shared the excitement with you!

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Field Trip Fun

We had a great time at the Atlanta History Center! It was a nice day and we learned a lot about the hard and unfair life back in 1860s.

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30 extra minutes!

Well it has been about a month of extended school days and we have a month to go! It has not gotten easier! You would think 30 minutes is not a big deal, but we are all tired at the end of the day and I am falling behind on my classroom housekeeping or me these blog posts!

Nevertheless we are doing it and making it the most useful we can! Though I asked the students to persuade me with what we should do. Some of them had great ideas and reasons! We have even implemented some like eating a 2nd snack at the end of the day if the kids have one left over.

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My soup is the BEST!

In the spirit of the SOUPer Bowl the kids designed their own soup! The kids showed some creativity in their soups from savory to sweet! After naming and designing the soup they had to persuade the class to try it through persuasive writing practice.

Finally they shared their writing and the class voted if they would eat it or not…

The votes were tallied and we had 3 winners!

Would you eat these soups? Maybe you can make them at home… đŸ™‚

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The Eagles win the SOUPer Bowl!

It was a close game but the Eagles won 228-216! Regardless of what team we wanted to win, we remembered the meaning of this lesson that we are helping feed lots of people! With a total of 444 we will be warming a lot of hearts!

The kids did a great job counting the cans throughout the week and will help box them up to donate next week!

We will have to see who wins the Super Bowl this weekend! If it is anything like at school it will be a great game! Go patriots!

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6 more weeks of winter!

We predicted an early spring, but Phil in Pennsylvania and General Lee here in Georgia both predict 6 more weeks of winter! Bundle up!

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