Our cafeteria uses a computerized cash register. You may deposit money into their account weeks or months in advance. The website is


We will have snack each day in the classroom. Children are responsible for bringing their own snack/drink each day. Please send healthy snacks that are easy to clean up.

Children are invited to bring in water to drink throughout the day. Water bottles should have a sports/pop up top to prevent spills.

Accelerated Reader

Students will work towards an individual goal based on online reading assessments. 

The children will be able to go to the library regularly to pick out new AR books to bring home to read. They can quiz on the book at school after reading it at home. 

Please remember that the Accelerated Reader program is a small piece in the larger puzzle of reading. It is a wonderful practice tool, but is not the sole source in teaching your child to read.


READ, READ, READ! Read for at least 15 minutes every night with your child. This will help develop their sight word knowledge, decoding skills, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. 


Any changes in dismissal need to be in writing and at school by 12:00 noon. If you have any last minute changes, please notify the school via a phone call to the office. Please do NOT rely on APS e-mail for any transportation changes. If dismissing your child from school, please be sure to pick him/her up by 2:00 pm.

Birthdays: Birthdays Note

On your child’s birthday he/she will get “15 minutes of fame!”

Your child may teach a game to the class, share/teach a talent with the class, read to the class, bring a special guest to share, bring in some of his/her favorite things/pictures to share with the class. Etc. Have FUN with it!

**Please do not send in edible treats, like cupcakes or cookies, on your child’s birthday.

Party Invitations:

Invitations can be passed out in the classroom if you are inviting the WHOLE class or ALL the girls or boys.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation!  


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