AR~ Accelerated Reader 

Students will work towards an individual goal, as well as earn the privilege of moving their name up the first grade AR wall near the library. The children will be able to go to the library regularly to pick out new AR books to bring home to read. Please remember that the AR program is a small piece in the larger puzzle of reading. It is a wonderful practice tool, but is not the sole source in teaching your child to read.

Children can take quizzes during morning work, snack, or when he/she finishes assignments. In addition, the children may go to the library during those times, but only 2 at a time.On some days, children may not make it to the library due to busy classroom schedule.

Responsibility~AR is not a part of our graded curriculum, but a wonderful resource to motivate reading and help improve reading comprehension. It is your child’s responsibility to take quizzes each day and keep up with returning/checking out books. At the beginning of the year, we will practice this routine and I will give several reminders about good opportunities to go to the library/take quizzes. As we get deeper into our routines and curriculum, the children will need to take responsibility for achieving their AR goals.

Some things to note:

~AR quizzes can only be taken independently at school. The website will not work at home.

~Is your child reading the book at home, but struggling on the quiz? Your child may need to focus on choosing books that will read the quiz to him/her. Those books are marked with a red dot.

~Every child takes a test to find his/her AR level and create a goal. Each child’s level/goal is different.

~Sometimes making a reward system at home like a sticker chart will help motivate your child to remember to take quizzes/check out books.

Helpful AR websites:


More AR info ar-doc

AR book finder: Find quiz numbers for the books you read at home. Write the quiz on a sticky note for your child to use the next day at school.

AR Home Connect- Track your child’s progress and test results. To log in to Renaissance Home Connect:

1. Type in your child’s AR username.

2. Type in your child’s password which is the student number.

3. Click Log In.


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