This week in phonics we are focusing on our sounds and our handwriting. Handwriting is such an important skill to master correctly at an early age. Correct letter formation can increase writing fluency and of course make it easier for teachers to read! I told the class my story about messy handwriting, bucket dipping comments, and relearning how to write neatly to become a teacher in college (ask your child about it)! To this day I still do not hold my grip correctly. My goal this year is to tackle my pencil grip along with the students. 

The kids are doing a great job with the letter formation for the letters we have practiced thus far. I catch a couple of them Sneaking to make the letter starting at a different spot, but with practice, they will get there. When you work with your child throughout the year, focus on how they form letters (always top to bottom) and how they are holding the pencil (with 3 fingers) Do you know the correct pencil grip? 

Check out some of the great handwriting! 

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