it seems like we have been studying long ago and today forever, but we are wrapping it up next week! This week we discussed transportation long ago til today. I challenge he kids to order transportation inventions/uses over time. They had to order planes, cars, boats, space ships, trains, and bikes. The kids all got very close but no one got the right order! Do you know the right order? Ask your child to see if he/she still remembers! 

We read “if I built a car” and imagined and designed dream cars of the future! 

Then we learned about the Wright brothers and thier commitment in creating the first plane! We saw thier hard work and perseverance to create the best plane they could. So the children created their own paper plane! It got a little chaotic in the classroom with planes flying everywhere, but they enjoyed testing out the planes to see if they could go farther, faster, or do cool twirls! 🙂 

 Today we looked out how boats transformed from being a a hollow out tree trunk. I challenged the kids to create their own boat that could float and “transport” something using only the materials I gave them: foil, straw, 3 Popsicle sticks, glue, 12 inches tape, small piece of card stock and paper. They worked in groups to plan their boat, created it and tested it! All the boats floated! One group learned that their “raft” was not going to survive and went back to add walls and support for their boat! The kids had a great time and worked so cooperatively together! I also love how excited they were for the other groups to see the boats and cheered when they floated! 🙂 



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