It seems like long ago that we started our “long ago” unit, but we are finishing up this week! We have been talking about transportation long ago including boats, trains, planes and cars. We played “I am going on a train and I would bring…” the children had to remember what each person before them said with only one chance for help! Some of our student had to remember about 20 things! I was impressed at their memory! šŸ™‚

When discussing planes we focused on the process of inventing and how inventors, like the Wright Brothers, tried several things and failed many times beforeĀ getting it right! I taught the kids how to make a basic paper airplane. The kids then got to modify it to see if they could get it to go faster or higher. There wereĀ planes flying all over the place! It may have looked like chaos until you listened to the conversations and the children helping each other with theirĀ ideas “let’s try this…” “Try adding more folds” “I think if you flip up the wings it may help…” The children were great cooperative workers and learned about always trying and learning from mistakes!




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