Letters to Sailors

Letters to Sailors

In honor of Memorial Day, the students wrote letters to a family friend of mine who is out to sea on a naval ship. He lost his twin brother in the current war. I thought a great memorial to the fallen soldier would be to send some smiles and kind words to his brother out at sea! Every year, first grade writes letters to the troops around the time of Veteran’s Day, but this year I decided to do it for Memorial Day as well, when they can write neater and more fluently.

The children dicussed the role of the Navy and had lots of questions about thier life on the ship. I encouraged them to ask the sailors questions, because even if they cannot anwer them they like to know what we are thinking. They were definitely thinking of some interesting questions such as….Do you see sharks? Can you play sports on the ship? Do you get sea sick?…

The children wrote great friendly letters. I think the sailors will definitely smile when they get them. They will know not only a bit about the first graders and what they are thinking, but most importantly that we are thinking about them and are thankful for all they do for us!



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