Red Sox Day!

Red Sox Day!

It is Red Sox opening day against the Yankees! So far they have not won a game, let’s hope the losing streak ends today!

To kick off Red Sox day, the kids wore their red sox gear and decorated a Red Sox Cheering sign!

For reading, we read two versions of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The students compared and contrasted the images used to illustrate each book.

For Phonics, we read/sang the song Take Me Out to the Ball Game and went on a word search. The students found and wrote all the words with vowel teams such as team and peanuts. The students also found all the magic “e” words.

In math, we problem solved using baseball math questions. If it took the first player 10 seconds to run to first base, how long did it take him to go around all the bases? Need a hint? Count by tens.

In writing, we read the story Pitching with the Papelbons about Jonathon Papelbon and his brothers when they were younger. It is a good mentor text to demonstrate stretching a small event over several pages. The students commented on the details added to the story to make it more interesting to read. The students went back to the seats to revise their writing and add more details!

It was a fun filled day with lots of baseball action! Even better, the Red Sox Won! 🙂

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