Family School Night

It was fun to see so many families last night! I hope your child did a great job showing you around the classroom and school. They have been working hard and learning lots! Below is a power point that we had rolling in the classroom (though you were probably too busy to catch it). It gives extra information about the classroom and curriculum. We will have parent conferences in a couple of weeks to further discuss your child’s successes! Please sign up here:

Open House 2017

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15 minutes of fame!

When it’s your child’s birthday, he or she can have 15 minutes of fame! Your child bring in something to share, teach a game, read a book, etc. whatever they want for 15 minutes! We have had some fun celebrations so far. We also like to play the dance break song “It’s your birthday!”

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IB Summative

We are finishing up our first IB unit! The kids took all they learned about seasons, weather, weather tools and our continents to create a weather report. They used resources they made like their map and thermometer to show everything they learned. In our IB units we call this our summative project. Starting a new unit this week! Stay tuned! 

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Weather Tools

As some extreme weather is happening around us we have been learning about weather in school! We have learned about types of weather, seasons, temperature, and weather tools! The kids had never been so excited about rain until we made our rain gauges! We also evaluate the temperature at recess each day…is hot or warm? Today was definitely cool in the morning! 

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This week we put our skip counting to tallying. We practiced and reviewed how to make tally marks through a silly story, read a book “Tally O’Mally” that taught us some fun tally games to play! Ask your kids about the story and the tally game. They have been playing together after they finish work 🙂 

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House Spirit Day

Loved seeing the kids wear their house color today! The kids easily noticed who was in their house and started making more connections with others! Don’t forget to order your child’s free house shirt. Link after pics…

Link to get a free House t-shirt for your child. Please fill out by Friday September 8th. :

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HELLO from our class

Each day after we return from specials we sit in a circle for our community meeting. This a time that we greet each other and practice kindness. We have greeted with handshakes, high fives and fist pumps! Most recently we started saying hello or good morning in the different languages in our classroom. Kids have shared ways they say hello in languages they speak at home. Ask your child a way they learned to say hello and if they remember the language! Did you know our class knows 7 languages?!

During these community meetings we also practice our “second step” lessons for Social Emotional Learning. They help us to be a great student and peer! Last week we focused on rules for good listening and this week we are focusing on keeping your attention. Ask your child to teach you the rules for good listening! 

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