Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are having a great week off and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday! We have lots to be thankful and I am especially thankful for our great class and all the fun learning we do!

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Did you try telling time with the Sundial your child brought home? We had a fun time learning about telling time using natural light and talking about how clocks have changed over time to the iWatches some of us have today!

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IB Unit How the World Works

We have finished up our second IB unit of the year!

We had fun learning about How the World Works through the inventions of famous Americans and the transformation of the inventions to what we use today!

Here are some great lessons with Ben Franklin…

With Thomas Jefferson we focused on the Declaration of Independence and the rights we have today.

For the summative the kids created some great inventions. They did an awesome job and some great creativity!

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Book character day!

The class went above and beyond with book characters! Can you guess what some of them are?

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Read-a-thon kick-off

We are excited for the read-a-thon! It is a great Jackson fundraiser and a fun event! I hope it helps your child to get motivated to READ!!! 

This year’s theme is exercise your mind and read! There will be lots of fun theme days to get the kids excited about the RAT! 

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Happy Halloween

The kids may not have dressed up, but we still had a blast in school! Almost every lesson was related to Halloween including our pumpkin exploration. Did you know pumpkins can float? They even have pumpkin races! 

And one pic of my little one celebrating Halloween! 

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Fun Field Trip

We went to the Botanical gardens! They gave us a tour around some of the gardens and inside where he kids learned about plants from different areas in the world. As we went around the kids noticed th change in light and air and what the plants need to survive! They were already setting up for the holiday lights at night! Looks like a fun event! 

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